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Commissioned  29 JUL 49                               Decommissioned  1 NOV 77

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Welcome Aboard

The USS Basilone Association welcomes all crewmembers, their family and friends to the official site of the USS Basilone DDE/DD824. The Basilone is a post WWll gearing class Destroyer that in it's lifetime was home to all the men that served on her.
This site was created to bring all of Basilone's former crew together where old friendship could be rekindled and it's history told. The Association has been running Reunions since 1994 and the creations of this site was a natural continuance to bringing Basilone's crew together and a way to remember crewmembers that are no longer with us. During the gallant life of the Basilone she had logged many many miles and the tales are still being told all over the US. 
On the site you will find more then one way to connect with your old friends. Using the
Forums you can leave messages either as a post or as a private message. The Forums is a great place to chat with old friends and meet new ones. There is a place for all in the Forums. Don't be shy join in the fun.
Photo Center is the place you can rest assured will put a smile on your face. Hard to believe we actually looked like that. We have vintage and photos from past reunions. We also have a new area in the Photo Center where members can post photos in there own personal area.
History Section tells not only the complete history of the USS Basilone but also about John D. Basilone the Marine Medal Of Honor Winner the USS Basilone is named after.
The USS Basilone was a ship of war sailing the world's oceans it was not always a safe place to be. The
Memorial section we talk about tragedies that have occurred on the Basilone and remember the men who lost their lives.
Sea Stories, what type of site would we be if we do not have the very necessary sea stories, real or imagined we invite all members to tell us your favorite stories about ship board life
Links is where you can find links that the staff think you might like. We also invite members to send us links that you think would be of interest to the members. It does not have to be Navy related
Taps is the page we list all the Basilone Crew that are no longer with us.

If there are any questions or if you wish to help out, send us a sea story, whatever, I can be contacted here bobby@uss-basilone-dde-dd824 or use the Administration List in the main menu.

John D. Basilone




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