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This was originaly posted by Bobby, but at Ken's request it has been modified and reposted.

In NYC where I live we have on every Memorial Day what we call Fleet Week. Normally we have a bunch of tincans and some other major surface ships. This year the USS JFK is in port. For me it brings back a lot of memories of days
spent in the Med following her around. When I hear talk of her being decommissioned I feel even older then I am. If I remember right when I first saw her in (I think) 1970 I was told she was new. Not only that but her 5000 men and
women that server on her are all over the city. I look at them and have to think to myself "did I really look like that at one time".

On this Memorial as on all past Memorial Days, as vets, we all know it is more then a day off from work We remember all who have defended our great country and to those who gave up their life for their Country. You do not have to be a combat vet to be remember and honored. To have answer the call and to have been ready to carry out the orders given is more then a lot of men in this day and age do.

I came across a article written by a member that made me stop to compose myself before reading the entire piece. Ken Hummel is the author and the article can be found at his
. When I was talking with Ken through email he told me this piece made it all the way to Washington DC  .....He also related a story to me here is, in his own words.
"I had a lady call me to thank me for the article for it would be the first Memorial Day that she would be able to get through the day without a tear, because it insured her that an experience she had at her son's funeral 5 years before. He was a Vet that died to Agent Orange, and at the services, she watched a man walk down the sidewalk to their service, a man she had never seen before, and he came and stood beside her for a moment. This man made the statement to her, "Don't worry mom, Im alright!"

Please take the time to read it and maybe drop Ken a email or private message.


Posted by: Chris

Posted on Saturday, November 1 2008



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Posted by: Chris

Posted on Tuesday, May 1 2007



Edited on 05-07-07:
The system to register on this site has undergone another change since this was posted, so I thought I would finally update this explanation:
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Posted by: BobT

Posted on Monday, May 9 2005

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